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Invest in Iraq now or miss out, says U.S. envoy (2010)

* Basra in southern Iraq has been transformed - thanks to oil (2010)
* Iraq's Economy Wakes Up (2010)
* US trade envoy: American firms cannot wait on Iraq (2010)
* Finance minister calls on U.S. ExIm Bank to fund Iraqi projects (2010)

US trade official: American businesses should invest in Iraq - now (2010)

* Iraq will become member of the WTO soon; Committee's main task is to reduce the difference between the U.S. dollar and the Iraqi dinar (2010)
* World Bank Group Delegation Considers Iraq's Investment Potential (2009)
* WTO starts negotiations with Iraq for membership (2007)
* Trade and Commerce Leaders, Government Institutions Vow to Work Together to Promote Investment in Iraq (2006)

Investor Guide to Iraq
Iraq National Development Strategy
Iraq Overview

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